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Daria Mohammad
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Student of Master in Management, doing specialization in strategy, enthustiastic about social media. I like latin music, new challenges and meeting inspiring people. Follow my posts and get to know more about my interests :)

Guest blogging 20 Oct 2018

Why “I don’t have time” is a lie?

We all know this type of people who always say ” I don’t have time”. If you ask me I just don’t belive it, therefore in this article I would try to convince you that “I don’t have time” doesn’t exist. Check it out!

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Guest blogging, Poland 30 Nov 2016

My top 5 trends for AW16

Since I enjoy following fashion trends I decided to creat a post about my 5 favourties must-haves for this season. Check it out! 

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Careers, How to's 06 Sep 2016

Street art & marketing? Meet Mural Advertising

Something for street art lovers- check out how brands use murals for advertising.

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Guest blogging, Kozminski Insider 14 Jul 2016

Creative Ads – meet Guerrilla Marketing

Hello dear readers :D I’m coming back after little break with new dose of inspiration and ideas. Hope you will like it! 

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Warsaw 05 May 2016

50 things only “Varsovians” can do

How many things have you already done ? Can you recommend something more for people who want to explore Warsaw?  Share it in comment section below :) 

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Guest blogging 13 Feb 2016

Snapchat case #kozminskiuni

In my previous post about Snapchat you learned that this app is getting more and more famous among marketers. In this post I would like to show you how Kozminski Univeristy uses this social media tool and who exactly are we trying to reach.

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Guest blogging 07 Feb 2016

Something about Snapchat

There are some predictions that 2016 is going to be the year of Snapchat.

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How to's 27 Dec 2015

What to wear on New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s Eve is coming very soon –

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How to's 30 Sep 2015

5 tips on how to get ready for the new semester!

Summer break is over and after an amazing vacation and 3 months of resting it’s finally time to go back to collage. However how to prepare for new semester and pull yourself together? Here I introduce you 5 tips. 

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Guest blogging 23 Sep 2015

Hola España!

How did I spend my vacation this year ?

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