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Marta Bilohub
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Hey Everyone! I'm Marta and I'm a third culture kid. Studying Management in KU. I love beautiful people, places and words. Constantly looking for inspiration and excitement. Join me on my little journey :)

Careers, Poland, Warsaw 20 Oct 2016


You live in Warsaw and still don’t know about the NXT WAW community? 

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Careers, Guest blogging, How to's 13 Sep 2016

How to deal with Statistics

Are you already attending statistic classes and constantly thinking about how to deal with all of those numbers?

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Guest blogging, How to's, Poland, Warsaw 03 Sep 2016


As a Kozminski student, I have the utmost appreciation for this app.

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Guest blogging, How to's, Poland, Transports, Warsaw 19 Aug 2016

FAQ: Living in Warsaw

Moving is confusing and sometimes even the simplest tasks can be challenging, so some basic information can go a long way to help.

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Poland, Warsaw 13 Aug 2016

5 Things to remember when moving away to University

Moving can be hard, terrifying even. In fact, sometimes it can be hard to remember why you’re doing it in the first place.

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