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Anna Glazunova
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Warsaw 25 Feb 2016

Sweet spot – Crepe Cafe

In such a grey weather outside everyone wants some colors, sit in a cozy and warm place and certainly eat something sweet or just tasty. I know a lot of wonderful places in Warsaw and want to share you one of them. It is a Crepe Cafe located on Dobra 19, which is pretty close […]

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Warsaw 05 Nov 2015

Fairy tale around us

If you live in Warsaw or visit this amazing city during autumn, you should visit the Lazienki Park for sure. I want to show you some pictures that I have made recently. I can’t express the real atmosphere, but at least I can try. I saw how happy people are when such beauty is around, […]

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Guest blogging 13 Aug 2015

Photo report – summer adventures in U.S.

Unfortunately, I cannot write anything about Warsaw and events there right now, but can show you something else.

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Kozminski Insider, Student Profile 31 May 2015

Student Profile – Anna Glazunova

Will tell you a little about myself with pleasure, but it’s harder to write than I expected. At least I can try. I came to Kozminski from a city in the south-east of Ukraine – Zaporizhzhya (city is famous because of Cossacks and Khortytsya island). I always knew that would study abroad, because  is my passion […]

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Guest blogging 04 Mar 2015

Trip to Brussels

I am sure, that every student of our University wants to go somewhere to look deeply into culture of different countries and, of course, to have an adventure.

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Warsaw 08 Dec 2014

Feel The Magic In Warsaw

Each year the whole city of Warsaw begins to shine and gives us the holiday spirit.

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How to's 26 Nov 2014

How To Wake Up On Cold Winter Mornings

Every Polish student knows this lazy feeling in the morning: it is so hard to stand up and start the day.

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