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Arun Koyadan Koroth
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How to's, Poland, Student Profile, Warsaw 05 Sep 2018

Chapter 4: My Kozminski Life: Episode 1

It was the winter of 2015 that, like the apple on Newton’s head, an idea fell into my head to go to Europe and enjoy my bachelorhood earning a Masters degree in Management. Even though the idea was simple, it wasn’t an easy choice on which country and which course I should be choosing. After […]

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How to's, Warsaw 04 Nov 2016

A Cheat code for Polish Winter.

  “The Summer here was the Winter back home.“                                                 -Anonymous student For people like me hailing from India and other tropical climate countries, Poland is a wonderland in winter. The European and American movies have made us drool with the scenes of kids playing in Ice, skiing and flakes falling in slow motion. The […]

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