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Daria Mohammad
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Student of Master in Management, doing specialization in strategy, enthustiastic about social media. I like latin music, new challenges and meeting inspiring people. Follow my posts and get to know more about my interests :)

Warsaw 24 Aug 2015

How to spend summer in Warsaw.. #3

..in case it rains 

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Warsaw 02 Aug 2015

How to spend summer in Warsaw #2

Here we have the second part of our cycle. What to do in Warsaw during the summer ? Check out our ideas. 

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Warsaw 26 Jun 2015

How to spend summer in Warsaw #1

All your friends are leaving abroad for holidays and you are staying in Warsaw? You have no idea how to spend summer in the city? 

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Poland 20 Jun 2015

Festival time 2015

Summer is the time when there are many various concerts and festivals happening in Poland.

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Pubs/Restaurants 11 May 2015

Top 3 restaurants for lunch in Warsaw

In this post I would like to present three very good restaurants where you can spend your lunch time during the week.

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Guest blogging 10 May 2015

Student Profile- Daria Mohammad

Hi! My name is Daria and this is a post about me! 

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Guest blogging 29 Mar 2015

The Fallas in Valencia

One week ago I had the pleasure of visiting my friend in Spain

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