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Snapchat case #kozminskiuni


In my previous post about Snapchat you learned that this app is getting more and more famous among marketers. In this post I would like to show you how Kozminski Univeristy uses this social media tool and who exactly are we trying to reach.

Me and my friend Ala came up with the idea to creat a Snapchat account for our univeristy in May 2015. We wanted to create a platform in which we could report about student’s life at KU. Our goals were simple :

– make students to identify more with KU
– show others how awesome our college is
– show daily life at KU and entertain our followers

snapchat event

We asked Student Council to creat an official event and invite all students to follow our Snapchat

We used a very common marketing startegy with a countdown. During a 4 day period we were annoucing that a big day was coming.


Snapchat gives you a huge possibility to use your creativity therefore I really enjoyed creating content for it. Creating snaps which our students, staff and potential candidates who would like to watch was a huge motivation for me. As I said in my previous post Snapchat should be spontenous and natural but on the other hand seriousness and stupitidy are neither the case to succeed.  What is more kozminskiuni Snapchat had to be connected with university lifestyle. A balance between those things is indeed important because you can cross a line very easily.snap laczenieDoing something on behalf of an important institution and prestigious business school might be a challenge. You cannot forget that #kozminskiuni is an official account supported by the marketing department therfore it was a huge responsibility for us as well. We couldn’t post anything that might endanger the reputation of the university. Although our marketing department gave us total freedom. We were independent in creating strategy and content for which I am very grateful. lacz 2

I would like to show you what our snapchat was based on and what kind of content we were posting. I also encourage you to watch my short video which gives a quick preview of what we did already.

  • polishforforeigners: every day students say a word in english translated into polish
  • meetourstudent : a series of snaps which aim was to present student who does something intresting in their life (hobby, own company)
  • meetourstaff : a series of snaps which aim was to meet  employees and find out what are they working on
  • conferences, workshops and fair reports
  • pictures of daily menu in our cafeterias
  • kozminski insider : basically everything what was going at our uni

To be honest I am very proud of this project. Mostly because this semester we got into ranking of 100 best brands on Snapchat by and also because this project gave a me a lot of joy and inspiration.


And also because Kozminski University has its own geofilter!

And because also we organized the first quiz show on Snapchat about our universityquiz


SNAPCHAT TEAM 1th semester 2015/2016 : Ola, Ola, Nastia, Karol, me, Sebastian

I am writing this post on the plane to Madrid therfore this semester I won’t be a project manager of kozminski’s Snapchat. I would like to thank you all for watching our channel and especially my snaps. Talking in English to over 600 people when this language is not your mother tounge might be sometimes tough, belive me. However I think it was still cool and I hope our snaps make you smile even if the day at the uni was hard. This is what it matters. Follow #kozminskiuni!!

What do you think about our Snapchat? Do you have any suggestion for us ? 

New adventourous are waiting for me I am very excited about my Erasmus in Madrid. Of course don’t hesitate to follow my private snap to find out more about Spain : darri_m and read my post from perspective of exchange student!

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  1. I’m sooooo proud of this project! :)

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