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Hola España!


How did I spend my vacation this year ?

You probably know that all bloggers who write for this website are Kozminski University students. Since we have summer holidays some of us are simply away from Warsaw. I thought that it’s a very good chance to write a post about how we spend our vacation. Maybe you will get inspired to visit some of those places.

From my previous posts you could find out that I really enjoy Spain and I’ve been there many times. It was also a reason why I’ve chosen Madrid for my exchange. However this summer I’ve been with my mum and my sister in Almeria (Andalusia) for one week. Since I’m working the whole summer in Warsaw that trip was an amazing opportunity to have a rest from my hectic city. It was a typical trip organised by one of the polish travel agencies and I have fond memories of it. Let me give you more details.

Almeria is located in southern Spain in Andalucia. Did you know that region is the motherland of flamenco? Andalucia is very special part of Spain with rich culture and traditions. If you had a pleasure to be there you should go to Malaga, Sevilla and Granada those cities are indeed worth the visit . I’m happy because this time I had a chance to visit Granada and Alhambra but I will tell you later about this.

Flamenco is a genre of music and dance native to the southern Spanish regions

We were living in a small tourist town called Roquetas de Mar on the Coast of Almeria. Our hotel Zoraida Garden Hotel was located just nearby the Mediterranean Sea so the view from our room was stunning. The hotel in general lived up to our expectations. The biggest advantage was the surrounding area. I mean, a huge swimming pool, many restaurants, a beautiful garden, and tennis courts. Everyone had a space to relax and enjoy their holidays. Besides this the hotel had a really great entertainment team so almost the entire day something interesting was happening.

Daily activities
Since I’m trying to lead a healthy lifestyle lately, I was waking up early to go running. In Spain the sunrise is quite late (around 7:30) so I could admire totally, the beautiful moment of that day’ s beginning. A morning run near amazing beach was a magnificent experince. In fact I was surprised cause many peope were doing sport at this time and that was a kind of motivated to keep myself fit as well.

That's the sunrise. Is't it incredible?

That’s the sunrise. Is’t it incredible?

Moring running make your rest of the day better

As you could see I was starting my days very active however, after breakfast I was generally relaxing. Reading books, listing to music, getting tanned, going for a walks. I met also many new people from different countries and together with local people we were enjoying our time in Almeria.

Trip to Granada and Alhambra
As I said above I went for a one day trip to Granada and I had the occasion to visit an amazing castle called Alhambra. Alhambra used to be a fortress of the Moorish monarchs that is why this city has stong arabic influnces. Alhambra is one of Spain’s major tourist attractions, exhibiting the country’s most significant and well known Islamic architecture.



Selfie with Alhambra from viewpoint :)

That would be all about my spanish vacation. How did you spent your summer time ? Write in the comment section below please! I’m very curious.

PS: Would you like to visit Andalucia? :)


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  1. @Daria : The Alhambra castle resembles on of the palaces in India :) Pretty place :)

  2. Really? That’s awesome. Thanks for your comment. Where did you spent your summer break @Sakthi ? :)

  3. @Daria I went back to my home town in India for the summer :) Always good to spend time with family & family ;) I’m sure you agree with me on that :)

  4. Yes sure I totally agree with you. Fortunately I have my family here in Warsaw :) I hope you relax during vacation cause tomorrow is the beginnig of the semester haha

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