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Poland 08 Apr 2016

Same pronunciation but different meaning – Hindi vs. Polish

So when I started learning this language everyone told me that it’s a very difficult language and has so many rules of grammar etc. However, as an Indian it was little easy to learn the vocabulary as so many words exist in Hindi but having a different meaning. Here are some examples of those words which […]

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Kozminski Insider, Student Profile 11 Oct 2015

Student Profile – Bharat Dhingra

Hello everyone, I’m Bharat Dhingra, not such a difficult name I guess :). 

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Poland, Warsaw 01 May 2015

Warsaw in One day for just $20

Warsaw is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe,

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Pubs/Restaurants 04 Dec 2014


Manekin is the best place that I found for pancakes in Warsaw

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Poland, Transports 03 Dec 2014

Experiencing Polski bus

I want to visit all of the Polish cities and thanks to Polski Bus they have really nice service from Warsaw to travel to other parts of Poland

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Pubs/Restaurants 27 Nov 2014

Bar Orientalny

I always miss spicy food…

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How to's 26 Nov 2014

Shopping in Warsaw

Warsaw is the city where there is almost everything for everyone :)

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