Guest blogging 07 feb 2016

Something about Snapchat


There are some predictions that 2016 is going to be the year of Snapchat.

Snapchat was born in 2011 and in the beginning was considered as a funny app for teenagers, mostly because everyone associated it with sexting. Nobody took it for real that Snapchat might be helpful building a true audience and can indeed support your business- until now.

This month I noticed so many companies creating their own Snapchat account that made me think how fast social media is growing. Marketers need to be up to date all the time and try to follow trends as much as they can. Who would have thought that Snapchat – an app for sending videos and photos mostly among teenagers would be an important part in a company’s marketing strategy for 2016. I think is pretty cool that now marketers are aware of the huge potential that comes with Snapchat. Trust me there are so many possibilities and ideas which you can implement to your Snapchat strategy. Creative people can indeed find yourself in this media.

Maybe you are wondering why so many people are crazy about Snapchat and what distinguishes this app from other social media. I would say it’s about shooting a particular moment and being natural. There is are content you would never post on Facebook but on Snapchat, yes. Watching other’s people snaps make you feel like being a part of their particular moment. I believe everyone has this curiosity of knowing what other people are doing.

Besides thanks to Snapchat you can watch things that normally you wouldn’t be able to see. For example I really enjoy following fashion bloggers. They report about important fashion events, which I can see straight after the show starts not day after on internet. They post inspire content that I also identify with. So how would I describe Snapchat? Surly easy and fast way to share your moment, funny and natural- there is no possibility to photoshop anything :)

 Do you like Snapchat? Are you using it often ? Share your story in comment section! 

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