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Lada Rutkovskaya
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Guest blogging 11 Jan 2017

why exchange in Spain is awesome

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Spain for your exchange

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Guest blogging, Poland 23 Aug 2016

Legalization of stay in Poland. Karta Pobytu

If you are staying in Poland for a long period of time you might want to consider applying for karta pobytu (unless you are from the EU). 

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Guest blogging 19 Jul 2016

Things to do while you are a University student

You absolutely need to do all of this before graduating from university!!

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Guest blogging 24 Jun 2016

Stupid post

I didn’t know what to write so I just a wrote a stupid post

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Poland 23 May 2016

Malbork :)

Town that is worth visiting

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Guest blogging, Poland, Warsaw 11 May 2016

Usual week of an average Warsaw bench

I chose a random bench in Park Praski and took a photo of it every day for a week. Take a look at what I found :)

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Kozminski Insider 22 Feb 2016

Why studying in Kozminski is better than studying in Oxford

Here I present the reasons why studying in Kozminski is much better than in Oxford

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Guest blogging, Warsaw 15 Dec 2015

3 things you associate Warsaw with

Just a few words about Warsaw

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