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5 tips on how to get ready for the new semester!


Summer break is over and after an amazing vacation and 3 months of resting it’s finally time to go back to collage. However how to prepare for new semester and pull yourself together? Here I introduce you 5 tips. 


1. Don’t freak out
Yes we all spent great holidays and have magnificent memorises but beginning of the semester wasn’t only just a mark in your calendar. That moment had to finally come up. So don’t freak out if your blissful time of doing nothing had to end up from day to day.  You just need to change your previous habits, attitude and think about studying as an invesment in your future. Chin up –  in 9 months you will be on vacation again :)

2. Think positive
Stay positive and be optimistic about your currently situation is the best thing you can do. Imagine how many interesting challenges you are going to face, how many projects you will be involved in. I’m not gonna mention uncountable dose of knowledge you will get and opportunities which can open up for you this semester. New people, new experiences and unforgettable memorise. University can be fun indeed! Think about upcoming semester as adventure full of surprises. Everything what you achive now will pay off in the future. That’s why my good advise:  Try to do things outside the box and never give up.

3. Get organized 

Organization is very important part of every preparetion. Definitely you should take care of going back on a schedule. Sleeping till noon ? You can forget it :) Check if your alarm clock works so you won’t be late on your classes. A good choice is to have a calander in which you can write down important things. Thanks to this you won’t miss anything. What’s more try to plan your week in advance so you find a time for school but for yourself as well. That really works if you have tendency to miss deadlines and leave things to the last moment. Remember being an organized person has many benefits. You are learning how to manage your time what in the future will be very appreciated. So better bring it in.

4. Set up goals 

Having a goals motivate you to do more and make you focus on what’s important. You should figure out what you want to achive this semester and what are your prorities. They are thousend of possibilities. Get to know new language, improve your network contacts, get a place for an  exchange programe or get an intern. Following your goals make your dream come true and that’s the most exciting part. Afterwards you are proud of yourslef that you accomplished your task and you got what you really wanted. Remember about SMART goal format. Your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable,realistic and time-based. There is a famous quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that says : A goal without a plan is just a wish and that leads us to the last tip.


5. Take matters into own hands

When you finally set up your goal do everything to fulfil your ambitions. Take action and figure out a plan. Don’t forget that sometimes your plan would be a long-lasting process but don’t let difficulties discourage you. In every part of your life you should take matters into own hands and not wait for a miracle that things will come to you just like this. Much less in an academic life where practical attitude, own initiatives are worth. Nothing happen without a reason so be aware of what you are doing. Don’t say that you have no time or your are too lazy because those are stupid excuses.

To sum up I hope the beginning of semseter won’t make you any trouble and you will start your classes with positive thinking and ready plan of your goals. I wish you all the best and hope you will implement my tips.

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  1. Hey! The advises are great, mostly in this time of the semester, I will take some of those advises for sure!

  2. Thanks :) Good luck with that!

  3. @Daria : Motivating article :)

  4. Thanks!

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