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Careers, Guest blogging, Poland, Warsaw 25 Aug 2016

NXTWAW – Warsaw Meetup for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

If you live in Warsaw and looking for great place to network. NXTWAW is for you. 

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Guest blogging 24 Mar 2016

American Easter

Easter, brings back a lot of find memories for me as a kid in America. 

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Guest blogging 23 Dec 2015

American Christmas

The winter solstice is a great time, for me it marks the moment when the days will finally become a bit longer day by day. I grew up in a Polish Catholic family in a small city called Toledo, no not in Spain, in Ohio. For me Christmas was always a special time. Unfortunately, I […]

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Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 17 Aug 2015

Time Travel

First of all I am bias, I love diner food! Not only do diners have great comfort food but they also take you back in time a bit.

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Warsaw 24 Apr 2015


New wave is the new face of brewing – detached from tradition, unscrupulous, crazy and open for challenges. The beer revolution began in the USA and seized the whole world. Now, in Poland as well, uncompromised, surprising new beers are made, creating a counterweight for common, boring eurolagers. It is happening right now. Behind each […]

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Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 29 Mar 2015

Eat your heart out Warsaw!

This weekend March 28th and 29th until 8pm is the annual food truck festival next to the national stadium.    There are copious amounts of burgers, tacos, BBQ, coffee, desserts- you name it! I myself, I am smashing on some BBQ!

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Careers 24 Nov 2014

I want to farm.

Why on earth would you want to be a farmer? That is more often than not the first thing that someone says to me when I tell them about my life’s dream.

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