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Agata Widomska
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Hello :) My name is Agata. I am from Poland,I live in Warsaw. I'm kinda crazy and opened person. I love meeting new people and gaining new experience in my life. I really love sports. I am KU student at bachelor program in Finance and Accounting. I hope you will like my posts and articles :)

this is a picture of ice rink
Warsaw 17 Jan 2019

Ice skating in Warsaw, why not? :)

Winter … Is there any chance to spend this time actively?  Yes, there is! In this article, I’ll show you one of my favourites activities during winter.

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This is a picture of jumping happy people
Guest blogging, How to's 19 Oct 2016

100 happy days challenge!

“Don’t worry be happy” That’s what Bob Marley keeps singing. Don’t you think that life would be much better if everyone would be happy?

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Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 09 May 2016

Food Port is back!

Are you near Vistula river? Hungry? If yes this information is exactly for you! :)

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Poland, Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 23 Mar 2016

Food all over the world at one place in Warsaw!

Do you love food? If your answer is yes, than this event is totally for you!

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Kozminski Insider, Student Profile, Warsaw 16 Feb 2016

Student’s profile – Agata Widomska

Hi everybody :) As a member of this blog I would like to tell you something about myself.

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Poland 22 Jan 2016

Weird Polish Expressions Translated Literally into English Part 2

So here comes, the second part of weird idioms used by Poles directly translated into English!

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picture saying polish is weird
Poland 10 Dec 2015

9 Weird Polish Expressions Translated Literally into English

The funny side of the Polish language…

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this is a picture of sits in the cinema
How to's 19 Nov 2015

You can watch films too!

Do you have a lot of free time and you don’t know what to do !? Let’s go to the cinema!

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