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Denis Litvinov
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Warsaw, Warsaw Events 13 Feb 2019

Warsaw Coffee Festival 2019 in review

I entered the Palace of Culture and was covered by coffee smell immediately. Even to the entrance were 20 meters left. I chose a correct strategy not to drink a coffee before, because in 2 hours I tasted around 14 different coffees in the equivalent of 5 cups at least. The entrance of 10 zl […]

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Poland 14 Jan 2019

Skiing/Snowboarding in Warsaw? You don’t have to go to Zakopane

Skiing&Snowboarding during the winter are one of the coolest activities, however, not always you have time for going out of Warsaw for a weekend, that’s why I was surprised to find out that there is a slope in Warsaw – Górka Szczęśliwicka The maximum height of the slope: 74,9m Length: 227m Prices: Monday-Friday: normal/reduced 1 hour 19/13zł; 2 hours […]

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Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 27 Nov 2018

Top 3 Cafés in Warsaw

  Just to understand how much I like coffee it takes minimum 5% of my monthly budget; minimum two cups per day and few favourite places which help me to survive during weekends, while I’m not at Uni or work. My top 3 I want to share with you since finding a proper coffeehouse with […]

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Kozminski Insider, Warsaw Events 10 Oct 2018

Kozminski Orientation week 2018 recap

Short story of awesome 6 days full of events. It all started on Tuesday 25th of September with Pierogies (traditional tasty polish food) and an explanation on how to “survive” in Poland, speed Friending game and Student ID’s receive later on at university. First orientation day continued in the bowling space right near the Kozminski University […]

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Kozminski Insider 29 May 2018

The future of banking is it really innovative?

Revolut and N26 as leading startups in this category, which big banks like the Bank of America, even don’t consider, from Revolut Ambassador speech, however, these companies make lives of users much easier. Revolut Ambassadors gave a speech at Kozminski University and gifted guests with credit cards, so let’s talk about them a bit more […]

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Warsaw 21 May 2018

21st May – 27th May Concerts in Warsaw

21st May (Monday) What?             Rock, Alternative and Indie Who?               We are Scientists, it is their first time in Poland, coming from US When?             Start time: 20:00 Where?            Hydrozagadka How much?     65 PLN   What?             Punk, Pop, Noise, Noise, Emo, Post Punk Who?               Pigeon (Germany) + daysdaysdays + TBA When? […]

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Warsaw 08 May 2018

7-13 May Concerts in Warsaw

7th May – 13th May Concerts in Warsaw 7th May (Monday) What?             Electronic, Alternative music Concert Who?               Tender (UK) When?             Start time: 20:00 Where?            Grizzly Gin Bar How much?     45 PLN   8th May (Tuesday) What?             Jazz Concert Who?               Luis Vicente Improvised Trios (Portugal) When?             Start time: 20:00 […]

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Warsaw 16 Apr 2018

Why going to the concerts is mandatory?

This Saturday I approved my theory of compulsory going to the artists’ concerts, which you listen to on repeat. I liked it so much, that I decided to remind and encourage everyone to go to the concerts of their loved artists. Reasons why you have to go to the concerts: 1) You see singer(s) in […]

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How to's 07 Mar 2018

What steps should I avoid when investing in cryptocurrencies for the first time?

Cryptocurrencies, you heard about them a lot during last few months. But what exactly are they and what you should know before buying any of them? Why Bitcoin is that popular? Because it became the first implementation of blockchain technology back in late 2008. Only later other cryptocurrencies started appearing on the market. There are […]

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