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What to wear on New Year’s Eve?


New Year’s Eve is coming very soon – the most celebrated night in the whole year. Every girl wants to look fancy and glamour at the party. However we all know how sometimes choosing a proper outfit might be a tough proccess. Therefore I have prepared for you a shopping review with the best dresses for New Year’e Eve. Your outfit is not gonna be a trouble this year :)

I decided to introduce a little fashion on this blog so here we go-the first shopping review.  I looked through the most common online shops in order to find the best dresses for you girls. I devided this into category to make it easier, so when you click on the price under a picture, you will be automaticly overloaded to a website when you can buy a particular item. Simple isn’t it ? :)

Sequin dresses (1)


124017-0046_1  179 zl 

123982-0014_1 199 zł 

397194-0668_1 249 

hmprod (1)

h& 139 zl

asos 200 zł 

63537.0.zoom 269 zl Sequin dresses (1)


Topshop 230 zl 

TP721C09W-F11@15  379 zl 

image1xxl (1) 400 zl 

hmprod (2)

h& 149.90

hmprod (3)

h&m 39.90 zl


sugarfree 155 zl 

63614.0.zoom 309 zl 

I would like to show you one very nice dress, which I found on Asos. That’s awesome how you can change this dress.

Watch video below how to style the multiway dress.


Asos 180 zl 


I also recommend you those dresses. They are super sexy, so definitely you will be a queen of the night :)


sugarfree 199 zl – There are 3 colour available

125819-0046_1 149 zl 

And which dress is your favourite ? Please write a comment below.

I hope you liked my shopping review. I wish you amazing New Year’s Eve!

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4 Responses to “What to wear on New Year’s Eve?”

  1. I feel like choosing the perfect outfit for New Years Eve is a really tough decision! Thanks for making it easier, this post is great :)

  2. Any idea where I could find a floor-length gown in Warsaw??

  3. Thank you @Alicja :) Hope you will find your perfect dress!

  4. @Letty I saw yesterday in Mango very nice floor-length dresses, you can check some of them in their online shop. Also in H&M,
    But to be honest when I was looking for my prom dress I went to Centrum Mody Nadarzyn. It’s kind of far away but it was worth it.
    Good luck :)

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