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Elbi Adajew
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Hi :) My name is Elbi and I'm a Finance and Accounting student from Chechnya. I like spending time with those close to me, getting to know new things and new experiences. And fantasy books. And mangas. And good movies. And so on.

Guest blogging, How to's 17 Oct 2016

5 reasons to go to a university

It is not a mystery that in order to be educated, one does not have to attend a university. In any public library there are enough books on any topic, so that you could learn about a countless variety of fields. The thing is, acquiring knowledge is but one reason, among an array of others, […]

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Warsaw 27 Aug 2016

A normal, magical day in Warsaw

Some time ago I developed an interest in photography.

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Guest blogging 28 Jun 2016

The India Tour vol. 2

Some of you may remember volume 1 of Magda’s India Tour – if you don’t, make sure to check it out! Have you read it already? Sweet – now we’re good to go. As promised, here comes the second part of the adventure. This time, in a form of interview with Magda and after the tour […]

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Kozminski Insider, Poland, Warsaw 15 May 2016

People of Kozminski

Today Warsaw is a flourishing city that is not behind any of the world’s most famous capitals. Warsaw internationally is mainly known as a historic city connected to WWII and it’s ghetto, and as much as it is undoubtedly important part of its history, over seventy years have passed since the war ended. Today Warsaw is […]

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Guest blogging, Poland, Warsaw 27 Apr 2016

A sunny day in Ogród Saski

After a long, weird winter in Poland, sun finally appeared shyly on the sky again. So since it’s getting warm and sun is here, what’s better way to enjoy spring charms of Warsaw than visiting one of its most famous parks? Some time ago I had the opportunity to do so, and along with my siblings […]

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Kozminski Insider, Student Profile 13 Mar 2016

Student’s profile – Elbi Adajew

 Hi there :) My name is Elbi and this is a short intro about me:

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Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 09 Nov 2015

Express Kuchnia Marche Złote Tarasy

Imagine a place where food is tasty AND healthy, the staff is nice, prices are low and discounts are high. Sounds so improbable that you can’t do it? Don’t worry; Ekspres Kuchnia Marche is there for you.

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Guest blogging 19 Oct 2015

How to maintain a good spirit during autumn

There it is. The famous Polish weather.

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Warsaw 14 Jul 2015

Scyscrapers Night

On may 23 a first-of-a-kind, unique event took place in Warsaw: first ever, but definitely not last, Scyscrapers Night.

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Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 06 Jul 2015

Funk&Jazz Jam Session pod Harendą

I always wondered why people who come to Wasaw from abroad say that it seems to be a boring city.

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