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Kozminski Insider 29 Mar 2017

Butterfly as a synonym of suffering: The worst thing you never heard of

An image of a butterfly usually stands in our imagination as a metaphor of beauty, brightness, fragility and lightness. But have you ever thought about a butterfly as a synonym of suffering? For some of us this is the only known definition. Butterfly Children are those born with a serious genetic mutation causing blistering, scarring […]

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Warsaw 26 Nov 2016

December in Warsaw – Culture & Comedy

Before Christmas comes to Warsaw, you can try going for a concert or a performance. Some of those are festive, some are just incredibly awesome. We all have our responsibilities like jobs or university, but try to treat yourself some at least some of these. With those event you won’t be bored, but you probably […]

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Poland, Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 26 Oct 2016

Halloween in Warsaw – Spooky and international 3:)

Autumn – season of falling leaves, pumpkins, spiced lattes and long rainy evenings. Halloween is coming in a less than a week time and I am here to tell you what Warsaw has to offer in upcoming days. As most of western holidays, Halloween is still quite foreign to Polish culture. Adaptation however goes smoother […]

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Guest blogging, Kozminski Insider 10 Oct 2016

New academic year : Students in Warsaw is back!

I am very happy to greet all of our readers in the name of all editors, staff and bloggers in this new academic year. We are happy to announce that the blog is back and from now on you can expect new articles more regularly. We have some new crew members and many new ideas […]

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Guest blogging, Poland, Warsaw 31 Mar 2016

Warsaw April Fools’ Day – Expect the unexpected

Another famous holiday. Since 19th century it is popular all over the world.  In Poland it is celebrated on 1st of April. There is no direct way to celebrate this holiday, but you can literally expect anything. Everybody: media, politicians, teachers and institutions jokes around at this day. You have to watch out for internet […]

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Poland, Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 14 Mar 2016

How to: St Patrick’s Day in Warsaw.

St Patrick’s Day. Great opportunity to get drunk and enjoy yourself. In this article I will mention a brief history of this holiday and tell you where you can celebrate this year. Enjoy! St Patrick’s Day (irl. Lá ‘le Pádraig lub Lá Fhéile Pádraig) is a national Irish and catholic holiday that is celebrated on […]

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Guest blogging, Poland 29 Feb 2016

Polish pop-culture #2 – Movies

Welcome to part two of Polish pop culture feuilleton. This time I would like to tell you guys something more about Polish cinematography industry. Mainly about the all-time classics and movies that were rewarded world famous awards in past years. If you haven’t seen Polish pop culture #1 – All time hits click here. In […]

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Poland 10 Feb 2016

Polish Cities: Names and pronouncing

Poland. Country of many different features. One of them is unfortunately extremely difficult language. If you want to come to visit us “Yes sir”, but if you want to talk in our language it is a big “Nope”. Grammar is not the easiest, vocab is confusing and some words have a couple of meanings. Today […]

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Poland 25 Jan 2016

Polish pop-culture #1- All time hits

In this mini-series I would love to introduce you to some of the most remarkable Polish classics: movies, bands, actors, comedians, games, artists and everything pop-culture oriented. So let’s get started. Music was and still is a great part of Polish culture. Our music industry has an extremely long history, but here I would like […]

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Poland 24 Dec 2015

Christmas in Poland

It’s Christmas time, mistletoe and wine… Merry X-mas everyone. French and Ukrainian traditions were already published, and today on Christmas Eve, I would like to talk you into Polish Christmas. What do we do, and how do we celebrate this moment of sharing?   As you probably already guessed, most of the Christmas Polish Traditions […]

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