Warsaw 27 aug 2016

A normal, magical day in Warsaw


Some time ago I developed an interest in photography. Since then, every couple of weeks when I knew I wouldn’t get anything done, I’d just grab the camera and go out in the city instead of wasting time on facebook and whatnot. Turns out that was one of the best decisions in my life, because an interest became passion. What you can see below is a narrative collection of photographs from one such day – photographs taken with a cheap camera, mismatched lens and deep admiration for everyday life.

Trial by combat

It started with visiting places I see almost everyday. The funny thing is, despite having lived in Warsaw for over 10 year, until recently I never dedicated myself to noticing all the little things around me. For all this time there wasn’t a single week I haven’t seen this tree, but never even payed attention to it’s shape, size or anything else.

As I steadily continued wo walk in approximately one direction, I tried to capture the things we see every day, just… from different perspecive.


For example, we almost never stop to wonder or ask questions: What happened to this tree? Why doesn’t it have leaves while the trees around do? While it may not seem much, it’s the little things like this that make everyday life more interesting and enjoyable. Like the woman in the middle who only adds spicyness to the whole picture.




On the other hand, there are unique things too: after all, you don’t get to see a parade of historical fire trucks every day, do you?


In the end, it’s not only about the little things that can make the day. I, for one, don’t mind pretty sights on a grander scale.


Krakowskie Przedmieście during golden hour

I was getting closer and closer to where I wanted to be, admiring the view along the way. All this time, the concept to not only look, but also SEE was with me. To pay attention to things we usually ignore or assume as something natural.


For example, how many of you have ever actually looked up and devoted at least 10 seconds to look at the sculptures on Krakowskie Przedmieście? Or any other street for that matter?


In order to discover new things that would amaze me, I wandered off to a side-street, instead of walking on the main promenade.


That’s where I came across a mysterious gate.


Technically it wasn’t closed, so I saw no contraindication to enter.

a colorful neighborhood

What I saw was a colorful neighborhood with grass instead of pavement, interesting architecture and idyllic atmosphere.


When was the last time you walked barefoot on grass?

I’ve spent some time there, yet again absorbing the aura of the place. Every little space has it’s own, why not cherish it once we encouter it?


On my way out I managed to take one last photo from the place.


Finally reached the destination to which I’d been unwittingly walking for so long – Stare Miasto, one of Warsaw most lively places.


It’s funny to think that each and every person in this photo is a separate story. All of them have their own lives, experiences and dreams. All of them gathered in one place, without even thinking of the others, most likely not paying attention to anything but their immediate issues. I wonder what could happen if that changed…


While wondering, look who I saw!


At the same time, some other events took place nearby. Honestly, I consider this the best photo taken on that day and one of the best ones I ever took. And if every walk gave such possibilities… I would walk way more often.


I don’t know ANY other place on Earth where on one day you could see Winnie the Pooh, a firebender, a saxophonist and a guy selling Kylo Ren lightsabers. All of them standing on one square. Warsaw is truly a unique place.


On my way home I saw some of the most Polish sights in the history.

only the centre

Along with an astonishing sunset.

The last picture of the day and the perfect ending for 3h long walk

Finally, the last picture for the day and the perfect ending of a 3 hour long walk.


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