Kozminski Insider, Student Profile 13 mar 2016

Student’s profile – Elbi Adajew


 Hi there :) My name is Elbi and this is a short intro about me:

I am from Chechnya, but my family and I came to Poland after war broke out there. Now I live in Warsaw and attend Kozminski University, which I’ve grown very fond of.

Here I joined the New Media Club, which is one of the most awesome things I’ve ever participated in. As much as I’m studying Finance and Accounting, I try to pursue every opportunity that crosses my path – be it meeting a new person, petting a puppy or just watching a nice sunset.

Other than that, I am a full time brother, son and a friend. I love anything that has to do with creativity, development and sense of community. Photography and guitar playing are things I do  in my free time. And as much as my skills could be better, they’re not necessary to enjoy the experience. 


Also book. LOTS of books. Hundreds of books that have gone through my hands, the favourite ones being Sci-fi, fantasy and adventure ones. Also mangas, but very few of them.

What else can I say? I love music, and can’t frame my taste into specific genres or artists. Can’t say no to some quality cinematography either – Scent of a Woman or The Intouchables are among my all-time favourites.

Pretty much everything I do comes down to absorbing all the inspiration, knowledge and different points of view from the environment and experiencing them later on.

In the future I’d love to travel around at least one continent, if not the whole world. If that happens, feel free to join in, and if you can’t, I’ll make sure to write something for you :)

Meanwhile, if you want to see some other of my posts, you can click here :)


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