Guest blogging, Poland, Warsaw 27 apr 2016

A sunny day in Ogród Saski


After a long, weird winter in Poland, sun finally appeared shyly on the sky again. So since it’s getting warm and sun is here, what’s better way to enjoy spring charms of Warsaw than visiting one of its most famous parks?

Some time ago I had the opportunity to do so, and along with my siblings we were able to take some photos.


We were lucky to run into people making some spectacular soap bubbles. Laugh if you may, at a 20-year-old student enjoying some “childish” games, but isn’t it the point of everyday life to find happiness in such little moments?


Besides, it allowed me to take this photo:


And here is the famous sunclock with equally famous fountain in the background; unfortunately at the day we were in the park it was not working, but now it should be turned on.


What is also awesome about Ogród Saski is that it is very close to such major places in Warsaw like Plac Bankowy (from which you can get virtually anywhere with public communication) or Krakowskie Przedmieście/Nowy Świat (some of Warsaw’s most lively places).

Other than that, the park’s pond got reduced and now you can skateboard there. Yay!


So what are you waiting for? Grab your friends along with some camera and go enjoy the green islands in the middle of the buzzy city.

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