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Funk&Jazz Jam Session pod Harendą


I always wondered why people who come to Wasaw from abroad say that it seems to be a boring city. “There is little to do here”, they would say, “almost no night life at all”.

Well that statement is very interesting for me, since one random search through e.g. facebook is enough to find plethora of events, happenings, parties and what not that anyone can participate in.

The event I stumbled upon this Monday is one of the most satisfactory ones I’ve had in a long time. It all begins in club “Pod Harendą“; in its basement, every Monday from June 1 to August 31 there is a gathering of jolly people: Funk&Jazz Jam Session.


This is a perfect place to spend your evening either after a hard day at work or just for fun. The people are friendly, the atmosphere very climatic and drinks moderately priced. The entrance costs 10 zł, which goes together with a cool, ultraviolet stamp.



Taking into consideration the passion and talent of the performers and the kindness of people around, it is more than worth to take a walk through one of the most beautiful streets of Warsaw to reach this hotspot of creativity. The best thing? If you have and instrument you can play, feel free to join in. Besides, is there a better way for students in Warsaw to kill the holiday boredom than collecting your friends, having a drink and listening to good music?

Here’s the facebook page for the event:


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  1. Looks like a good place to hangout with friends :)

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