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5 reasons to go to a university


It is not a mystery that in order to be educated, one does not have to attend a university. In any public library there are enough books on any topic, so that you could learn about a countless variety of fields. The thing is, acquiring knowledge is but one reason, among an array of others, why one would study in a university rather than by him/herself. Here are some of them.

The people

This is something that books cannot replace. Every and each person you meet represents a different totality of experiences, ideas, traits, skills, ambitions and everything else that makes us human. Interacting with all of this is far more enriching and developing than simply learning facts. Universities are a place where friendships form, relationships may emerge and last but not least, you may find people who will inspire you both during and after your studies.

The professionals

The people you can meet on the university are not only students, but also teachers, lecturers, all the doctors and professors. People who are not only more experienced and skilled than most people your age, but also are there to help you out in your development.

Access to university’s resources

Libraries, laboratories, scholarships and grants, databases and seminars: these are a few advantages, among others, that universities have to offer. Although some of them may require special permission, others assistance of the staff member, that’s not an obstacle: quite the opposite, having access to such limited resources AND getting to use them in presence of experts is quite a rare deal if you ask me.

The opportunities and possibilities

Apart from absorbing what university and its people have to offer, the benefits of being a university student go beyond that: take, for one, richer CV, voluntary or mandatory internships, collaboration with all sorts of institutions and also being able to realize your own projects and  plans from within the university structures. All that while opening up to, and participating in anything other people may come up with.

The lifestyle

After meeting amazing people and after doing your best to develop, it’s a good idea to have a time of relax. Yet again, a whole infrastructure in this exists exclusively  for students: student discounts, parties exclusively for students, all the events happening on the universities

BONUS: Student exchanges



Be it Erasmus from Europe, double diploma, placement programs or anything else – it’s a one-in-a-lifetime experience. In some universities, an exchange is voluntary, in others – mandatory and some of them treat it like a proof of appreciation for the best students. Especially if someone is not on an international track, it is an opportunity to spend a couple of months surrounded by people of all nations, religions and ethnicities. People with different cultures, mindsets and most importantly – with unique ideas on how to have fun.

In the end

Not all universities are paid for, so finances may be smaller of an obstacle than one might think. If you are struggling even despite that, most (if not all) universities have systems of support whatever the issue might be: finances, logistics or anything else. And the BEST thing is that, in today’s world, one can attend university for on-line courses – this way, even if you’re not physically there, you can still use all of the advantages a university has to offer. Combined with different types of studies – full time, part time, evening etc. – attending a university may be both one of the best experiences and decisions in your life.


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