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How to maintain a good spirit during autumn


There it is. The famous Polish weather. Two weeks ago one could walk in shorts and sandals (without socks), and now? Thick jackets and umbrellas are a must. The sun’s been covered by clouds, summer breeze substituted with cold, wet wind. Also this happens to be the time when most of us get to have more work than on the beginning of the academic year. But worry not; even in the gloomiest days, there’s always something to cheer you up and make every day as bright as it can be.


That is the basic. Be it a happy summer melody or calm piano sounds, music has nearly magical ability to soothe our nerves and lift our spirits up. It can be listened to while doing an array of activities: from working out, through reading, eating, spending time with your friends to doing homework; you can also listen to it per se. In case you don’t have a playlist that would fit the mood just right, there are always services like Spotify and countless other softwares/apps that have them ready, just waiting for you to enjoy.

          Off with the burden

You know this feeling when you have so many things to do that you just decide to take a nap instead? I certainly do. It can happen to all of us (and usually does), so it’s good to take a break; sometimes half an hour is enough, while in some cases a whole day is not. Nonetheless it won’t get you anywhere if you tire yourself to unconsciousness; sometimes it’s good to sacrifice a deadline in order to maintain both your physical and mental health.


There are some things that just don’t solve themselves, moods that don’t go away, questions you can’t answer alone. In such times it’s good to reach out to other people: to ask them for an advice, see a different point of view or simply talk with another person. Similarily to growing a distance from your duties, making a break to interact with people can refresh your attitude no matter how down you may feel.

          Place & space

When you’re angry, tired or simply sad, it is good to have a special place you just love to be at. It can be some venue out in the city, a room or just a part of it. A couple of square meters is more than enough. If you don’t have such place, simply organise it; it doesn’t have to last forever. I, for one, just make place on a table I usually don’t occupy, plug the speakers in and sit there for a couple of hours, working or relaxing, alone or with friends, all this while naturally drinking a cup of hot tea.


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