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Manekin is the best place that I found for pancakes in Warsaw and I really want to share some of my experience about going there.

If you love pancakes and if you want to try different varieties of them Manekin is the best place in Warsaw for that!

I was there many times and today I went to have some pancakes with a friend and we ordered different pancakes :)

I ordered the Indian pancake and my friend ordered the sweet pancake :) also with some nice lemon tea :)

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It was amazing and tasty , I could feel the taste of spices and meat inside . I felt so full after eating it and I recommend everyone to visit there once and try any pancake you like. The atmosphere inside is nice and peaceful and it’s a good place to go for a meeting with friends or family or to go on a date.

Its in the center of Warsaw near Królewska bus stop and its possible to get there by tram, bus or metro.

So I hope everyone will enjoy their time at Manekin and experience their lovely pancakes.



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  1. Wonderful place. But queues……

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