Poland 08 apr 2016

Same pronunciation but different meaning – Hindi vs. Polish


So when I started learning this language everyone told me that it’s a very difficult language and has so many rules of grammar etc. However, as an Indian it was little easy to learn the vocabulary as so many words exist in Hindi but having a different meaning.

Here are some examples of those words which I came across during my learning process, for me it was funny but a good way to learn.

Meaning in English Polish word Meaning in Hindi
Lady Pani Water
Here Tu You
Yes Tak Until
Maybe Może Socks
Home Dom Round head
Further Dalej Lentils
Years Lat Kick
Such Tak So that
 Small Mała Condensed milk
Year Rok Stop


There are many other words like these which were very funny but helpful to learn Polish quickly for me.

I will recommend everyone to try finding some words always in a language with similarities from your native language. It makes life easy in a foreign country :)


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