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Shopping in Warsaw


Warsaw is the city where there is almost everything for everyone :)

I Enjoy shopping in Warsaw whether it is buying new shoes, clothes or food. Whenever I go out of my home I always find something interesting and something new that attracts me :)

For food in Warsaw there are so many supermarkets and local shops where we can buy good stuff.

The cheapest shop in Warsaw is considered to be Biedronka ( in English it means a ladybug ). They offer really cheap prices with good quality. Their stores are available almost everywhere in Warsaw. Other stores which can also be found easily in all the residential areas are Społem and Żabka.


Other supermarkets, which are famous here are Auchan, Carrefour, Real, and Tesco. These markets are also located in many places around Warsaw and usually they are bigger in size than Biedronka and offer more products other than food such as furniture, electronics, wide range of cosmetics and everything that you require for your home.

For clothes it’s more fun because we get a lot of choices I usually prefer H&M, Zara, House, Cropp as they have good quality of clothes with recent fashion and designs in my budget. There are also options such as Marks and Spencer, New Yorker, Reserved, Gucci, Louis Vuitton. All of these branded stores can be easily found in the center of Warsaw.

For electronics most famous places in Warsaw that I consider are Saturn or RTV Euro AGD they provide many electronic appliances and accessories that help me to just get everything from one place for what I need.

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