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Warsaw in One day for just $20


Warsaw is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe,

It’s simple but sophisticated with a rich culture, traditions and history its very close to my heart and I took a challenge with a friend to spend full one day in Warsaw to the best of my abilities as a tourist.

If you are ready to wake up early, do a lot of walking, meet new people, eat some delicious Polish food with drinks and go to sleep late in night feeling satisfied and so happy so keep on reading on. :)

There are many places to visit so get ready with full of energy, get to the Old town of Warsaw called Stare Miasto have a good breakfast in any of the cafe there as you will find a lot of choices.
The cost for a decent breakfast is 15 PLN = 4$


Enjoy the beautiful streets and cafe of old town and attractions like
– Kolumna Zygmunta III Wazy (Sigismund’s Column)

– Zamek Królewski w Warszawie (The Royal Castle in Warsaw)
Kościół Akademicki św. Anny
Pałac Prymasowski
– Pałac Prezydencki (Presidential Palace)
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
– Uniwersytet Warszawski (University of Warsaw)
– Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina (Chopin Museum)

It easy to travel in Warsaw as you can use one day ticket all day for any kind of public transport.Most of the places you will find are very near to each other thanks to the public transport.
So after spending some good time in the Old town you can go to the center of Warsaw and see the Palace of Culture and Science. its a beautiful building reflecting old history and its the biggest building in Poland.
The visit inside is free but to visit the top of the building its cost 15PLN = 4$. You can spend some time in the centrum and visit Złote Tarasy a well known shopping center.

I will recommend you to have lunch in Centrum having delicious polish food or if you want to eat more cheaper food so Vietnamese, Chinese or kebab is the best option. It should cost at approx 15- 25 PLN = 4 – 6 $

After centrum the next destination is the Park in Lazienki its a Palace-Garden complex the most beautiful area in Warsaw moreover its stunning in terms of its greenery and architecture. The entry is free you can enjoy the evening there and then take the nearest tram or metro towards the National stadium. its a beautiful building and in the night it shines with beautiful lights in Red and white color.

To relax and have some good time, meet people and have drinks the best place is to visit is Nowy Świat street where you will see good bars, restaurant and clubs.

I will recommend you to visit anyone of the bars there as the prices are very decent and one glass of beer or wine mostly cost at approx. 1.5 $ You can also choose from many restaurants there to have a good dinner you will get many choice of restaurants and the cost is approx 25 PLN= 6$

After having your dinner and drinks its time to go sleep the best way is to have a couch surfing in the city, people are nice and open so it shouldn’t be a problem
You can also book any decent hostel in the city as the prices are mostly starting from 40 PLN = 10 $ per night.

I had a great time with my friend and i wish everyone can enjoy more and more in the city. One day is really less to see Warsaw but its enough to fall in love with the city.

Total Budget

Breakfast = 4 $
Lunch= 6$
Dinner = 6$
Other activities= 4$
Total : 20$


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  1. Visiting Warsaw in one day? Thanks to your post, everybody can easily check the places which are worth seeing! Good job :)

  2. very informative :) thanks

  3. I really like the idea :) this could be a cool challenge: “Your 20$ Warsaw Tourist Day”, I guess everybody has other ideas on what to do and see in Warsaw on a budget.

  4. Would love to visit all these places in a day :) A great idea Bharat :)

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