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Throwing light on Warsaw’s neon culture


Do you think museums are mostly storages of dusty and boring artefacts? Let me give you an example of one that I have recently visited and that doesn’t meet this definition  :)


Neon lights were commonly used for advertising over the past century. But everything has its term of life. Polish neon art seemed to have the same destiny and fade into obscurity. But a Polish/British photographer Ilona Karwinska gave it the second life. She noticed signs during her visit to Warsaw in 2005. Being inspired by their diversity she began a photographic documentation project of the cold war neon signs of Warsaw followed by the entire country of Poland.


Her project was then published as a bestselling book and a series of internal exhibition brought greater public awareness to these unique and endangered neons. During this period Karwinska and the London graphic designer David S. Hill saved many signs from destructions. This action eventually led them to set up Poland’s first and only Neon Muzeum.

Neon signs

Now the collection is preserved for generations to appreciate the rare and unusual beauty of Poland’s finest Electro-Graphic Art.


Every exhibit is followed by a description of its history  so one can discover more about old  sights of Warsaw. You can find out more interesting facts about the collection, neon design and scientific facts on the information stand. Or else, you can buy some hand-made and fancy souvenirs, postcards and photoseries to memorize your visit.


I really enjoyed getting to know cultural and historical assets of Warsaw in places like this. It is worth visiting especially for those who are looking for unusual and remarkable sights.

If you are interested to visit this place on your own, it is in Praha, Mińska 25(it’s a part of SOHO district, within it you should find a building №55). The museum is open from Wednesday till Sunday at 12-17 and a ticket costs only 8 zl for students:) If you get hungry after exhibition, there are a few cozy restaurants to relax and enjoy delicious food.

Map of Soho district


4 Responses to “Throwing light on Warsaw’s neon culture”

  1. In general, I’m not a huge fan of museum but this one seems to be cool! I need to visit it :)

  2. @Alicja Tomasiewicz, I hope you’ll enjoy your visit to this one :) Look forward to hear your impressions after!

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