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Part-time Job & Language learning — Talks In The City


Wanna invest your time to acknowledge and partake as well as share outstanding and extended service as a lector at an international, regional and local levels by spreading your native language?

By the way, earn some pocket money as well?  Or wanna equip yourself with multiple language skills to shape your horizon? Yes, we are the dreamlike language institution which you are seeking for.

city It is an innovative school which focuses on practicing speaking and breaking down language barriers regardless of  limits of your measly little free time and discommodious location . It matches new solutions with classical methods and give possibilities to arrange meetings with native speakers and tutors at your convenience i.e.:

  • during lunch,
  • gaps between classes,
  • before work, after work,
  • while walking your dog.

At any convenient meeting place:

  • a cafe,
  • in the park,
  • at the shopping mall,
  • at home.

The institution operates in the biggest cities in Poland and are, at present, planning to expend overseas. Moreover, they believe that by tailoring our services to customers’ needs, in terms of convenience and mobility, they are leading the revolution in the market of foreign language teaching services.

Look at the video about this revolutionary operationg process below:


Sounds hot-blooded and aflame?  Get your CV ready, prepare yourself for the interview and click here applying for being one of our members.

China once boasted it was a labours paradise. It is predicted that China will become the biggest economy by 2020 which means no matter you are in the world, you will be somehow be connected to China. Gaining valuable Chinese language skill or professional experience in China ahead of time will set you apart from the rest and get on the fast track to sucess. Wanna fully take advantage of me as a native Chinese speaker? Do not hesitate to make a reservation with me on our official webpage ( I am avalaible in June ):



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  1. @Xue Xia: Great post! :) Thanks for the info

  2. Sounds very interesting! Tell me more about it when we meet :)

  3. OMG! So cool! I’ve never heard about it. Thanks :)

  4. btw the founder of this website is a law student from KU!!

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