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Xue Xia
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Careers 29 May 2015

Part-time Job & Language learning — Talks In The City

Wanna invest your time to acknowledge and partake as well as share outstanding and extended service as a lector at an international, regional and local levels by spreading your native language?

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Pubs/Restaurants 10 Mar 2015

First visit. There will be a second

A free eating experience in the restaurant–Restauracja Z GARA I PIECA–deserves the fabulous prestige of the most dreamlike restaurant that you must visit in Warsaw.

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Kozminski Insider, Student Profile 17 Dec 2014

Student Profile—Xue Xia

 “May the odds be ever in your favor.” <<The Hunger games>>

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Warsaw 25 Nov 2014

The five challenging and bloodcurdling Chinese foods

The definition of delicacy is quite wide and blurry. Are they absorbing because of the appearance or the taste?

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