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How to deal with Statistics


Are you already attending statistic classes and constantly thinking about how to deal with all of those numbers?

 You must have already thought that all the complicated calculations could be done easier. Working on an innovative approach to studies, in Kozminski, their task is to equip students with modern and professional tools in order to prepare a quality analysis and appropriate statistical reports.

There are 2 main software options that could help you during your statistics learning curve – SPSS and STATISTICA.

It may look a bit complicated at the beginning, but the further you go, the more you adjust, and the easier it becomes to carry out all the operations.

Good news : both of them can be installed for free on your computer through the Kozminski web page.

SPSS is a widely popular tool, used not only by students, but also by market researchers, survey companies, data miners, governmental organizations and others. It frequently applied for statistical analysis in social science.

STATISTICA is just as useful as it provides an insanely wide range of techniques for predictive modeling, data mining, data visualization, clustering, classification and more.

Imagine, you are writing a master’s thesis. Obviously, that’s a lot of work, a lot of  books/information and a huge amount of data gained during the research process. With the help of these programs, you can forget about inputting all the data into Exel docs and typing out kilometer-long formulas in order to calculate your scores. SPSS or STATISTICA will deal with all the numbers for you, the only job you are left with, is interpreting results.

And remember – gained knowledge and skills could make your research or thesis writing much easier and less time consuming.

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