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A Cheat code for Polish Winter.



The Summer here was the Winter back home.

                                                -Anonymous student

For people like me hailing from India and other tropical climate countries, Poland is a wonderland in winter. The European and American movies have made us drool with the scenes of kids playing in Ice, skiing and flakes falling in slow motion. The Autumn is falling and the winter is coming… Getting ready for this amazing season, here are some tips.

1. Don’t panic seeing the flakes.


For newbies like me, snowflakes were only in movies. Don’t panic. You’ve 4-5 months to savour it all. And most important of all, don’t get too excited with it and end up sitting at home from the first day!!

Get ready mentally to adopt to the smaller days and colder times. It might get all dark by afternoon, the time shifts by one hour (which you might’ve already noticed) and altogether it’s the time for being lazy.. but don’t be.


2. Dress like an Onion (Vestiti come’ una cipolla)

Get all geared up fo2r a war!! Cover up the head, ears and the throat for the starters. For the body armor, get dressed in layers. Inner thermals, middle layer with the Shirts, T shirts etc and the shell layer with windproof and waterproofing. Get good gloves to keep it warm and avoid cracks. Go shopping and get them as soon as possible. More



3. Fat is the new Healthy.

3Winter tends to bring out the bear in you. You will eat a lot. By the end of winter, you might end up weighing a few pounds extra. But that’s okay. Fat is warmth, don’t worry. Some traditional polish cuisines suggested by  a Polish friend [Just for the authenticity] you can tryout are, gołąbki, pierogi, kiszona kapusta, kiszone ogórki etc.. Or in English, Dumplings.. [For the bravehearts who can try at cooking…]


4.Fill up

Go shopping!! Fill up your refrigerator! The days ahead, you’d be visiting more of your refrigerator than the market. Prepare for the worse of the days ahead.



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5Drink water, don’t forget. Drink traditional drinks like mulled wine, hot tea, etc. (Get recipes from: They are the specialties of winter. Polish Drinks like Kompote, Kvass and different varieties of Vodka are the easy choices. [Check Out some at]


6. Get Insured

The winter comes with a lot of negatives too.. Be careful and get a health check up before the winter sets out. A medical insurance would be handy. Regular cold and flu might make your doctor your best friend. Be careful.


7. Spare the dates

For shopping a7nd going out, spare dates like Dec 25th, 26th, Jan 1st and Jan 6th. All shops would be closed during these days. And its risky to shop on days like 24th and 31st Dec. We recommend shopping earlier!



8. Get glued during house arrest.

Snowy days are hard to step out. Gone are those days when people used to get winter depression. The internet is the savior of modern times. Utilize time while at home for sleeping, watching TV series in Netflix or get addicted to movies. For the brave hearts, you can even try taking online cooking lessons.!



9. Watch your steps.

Stepping out on a snowy day, make sure to use shoes with thick soles. Event though pavements in Warsaw are clean and clear, yet watch out for some slippery surfaces. Public transportations in the winter turns the heater to max, so exposure to sudden temp changes might do you harm, so watch out.

10. And Get the hell out!!

Winter is to be enjoyed, the Tatra mountains, Zakopane and many other winter holiday destinations in Poland awaits you. Once you are ready to face the winter, Sports like Skiing, ski jumping, would surely be an amazing experience for all of the newbies in Poland/ the colder Europe. [Discover]

Too thrifty to spend?, go play snow ball fight, or freeze tag or Snow man outside your apartment. Try getting out whenever possible, live young.






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