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Poland 10 dec 2015

9 Weird Polish Expressions Translated Literally into English


The funny side of the Polish language…

Listed below are expressions/idioms used by Poles directly translated into English. We thought some of them were quite funny :)

)this a green picture saying i have no green idea

I have no green idea
in Polish-> nie mam zielonego pojecia
Meaning : I totally have no idea what are you talking about.
Please don’t ask me,why GREEN, I have no idea too :D but it’s kinda funny,don’t you think? :)

2) blue image of a train saying i feel train to you

I feel train to you -> czuje pociąg do Ciebie

meaning : I feel drawn towards you. This is good to know!

3) picture of a bread

It’s bread and butter
in Polish -> bułka z masłem (similar piece of cake)
Meaning : something is easy.

4)picture of a tooth

Take something on a tooth
in Polish-> wziąć coś na ząb
Meaning: to eat a snack

5)picture of flies

Has flies up their nose
in Polish-> ma muchy w nosie
Meaning: To be choosy,change your mind very often (just like women when it’s “their time of the month”  <just kidding> :D)

6) picture of a bridge

Straight from the bridge
in Polish -> prosto z mostu
Meaning: say something straight,without scruples.

7)picture of mountains

Thanks from the mountain
in polish -> z góry dzięki
Meaning : Thanks!

8) picture of a russian doll

Once in a russian year
in Polish -> raz na ruski rok
Meaning : Very rarely.

9) picture of birds

After birds
in Polish -> po ptakach
Meaning: no chance,no influence to change something
Something happened and you can’t change it <sorry :C>

I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as we did making this!

What weird expressions do you know in your native language or in your country that does not translate into English!

Let us know! :)

PICTURES: created by Justyna Sidor

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5 Responses to “9 Weird Polish Expressions Translated Literally into English”

  1. One of our favourite posts ever! :)

  2. This post is amazing, I couldn’t stop laughing with my friends who are foreigners! Polish seems to be weird sometimes hahah

  3. Thank you :) I’m planning to write the second part of this post with more funny idioms :)

  4. Looking forward for the next post then!

  5. haha)) really good to know !) great post !

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