Warsaw 24 apr 2015



New wave is the new face of brewing – detached from tradition, unscrupulous, crazy and open for challenges. The beer revolution began in the USA and seized the whole world. Now, in Poland as well, uncompromised, surprising new beers are made, creating a counterweight for common, boring eurolagers. It is happening right now. Behind each of those beers, its recipe and production, stands a man of flesh and bone: artist, creator, artisan and master brewer. His name legitimizes the quality of the beer. At the Warsaw Beer Festival you’ll meet the forefront of the new wave. On the malty beach the Sun burns and the wind carries citrusy, hoppy aromas. Wave after wave; harsh bitterness and new tastes strike. Let yourself get carried away.

We present all of the faces of the Polish new wave movement – microbreweries and the best restaurant breweries and contractors. We’re inviting brewers and home-brewers, bloggers, beer aficionados and hopheads. We’ll show you the new school of brewing from Poland and around the world. It’s the best face of beer culture and the first such festival in Poland.

You can silence us, but you won’t silence the revolution.

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  1. Impressive, Mike! Like the article and the event =)

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