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Top 5 brunches in Warsaw


Cold comes, but that can’t stop us from enjoying a delicious meal between breakfast and lunch: the brunch! Although it is considered a very recent custom, it was originally born in England in 1896! A brunch allows us to eat either a strawberry cake or some smoked salmon without worrying if it is appropiate for the hour. Below are enlisted, from the last to the first, the best five places to feel straight out of a ‘Sex and the City’ scene.


Located in front to the Polish National Opera Theatre, Momu greets its guests in a modern an urban environment, that will make them feel as the most fabulous people in the city. Brunch is not the only option for visiting it. Some people might rather it for a fancy but informal dinner. The menu holds a different range of foods: from burgers to soups, and desserts to salads, making none of them to stand out over the rest. However, and although it is not excessive, it has the highest price on the list, causing it’s final result.

4- Charlotte

For French cuisine lovers and sweetoholics! Charlotte, in Plac Zbawiciela, is at times a cheerful caffé and a take away boulangerie. There is nothing like sitting on it’s enormous central table and enjoy a whole basket of breads and croissants with the giantic chocolate and jam jars that the waiters will give you to freely spread on them. Not that fond on heavy meals? There are also smaller options for just having a try of their homemade pain. Although, it is always so crowded than don’t expect a quiet environment, mostly the opposite!

3-Flora Caffe

Park Łazienki is a must-see in Warsaw, and those who thank a pause to enjoy the views will love the Flora Caffe. Sitting in its terrace will make the customers feel as in a fairy tail, out of time flow, where nothing bad can happen. Vegetarians and vegans will find plenty of options on its menu, from which all plant products are cultivated by themselves! Finding it will not be a problem: given its location near the edges of the park, close to the Aleja Ujazdowskie. The taste and the size of the food will certainly compensate for the waiting time.


Now we are talking! Pansies are not allowed from now on! To have the best pancakes in Poland one must go to Manekin and be ready to leave full and satisfied. Any of their several locals will offer a wide and amazingly economic variety of just made pancakes and crepes. Either sweet or salted, or no crepe at all, all the dishes are big enough to make anyone feel in peace with the universe, for very few złotis. If you can choose which one to go, at Plac Konstytucji you can find the biggest of them all, with wonderful views of the suare from their upper floor.


The absolute king of the top, you wonder why? From Monday to Friday, from 9 to 12, you will be able to order a breakfast in a plate the size of a wheel (with barely to none free space) and just paying 1 single złoty. Still not convinced? What if we said that on weekends, coffee cost that same quantity (on regular days, price won’t be higher than 10 złotis, barely 2 euros). Recommended by any student, either polish or not, you will be able to find AïOLI restaurants along the main streets of Warsaw, always granting a quick and smilling service. Definitively, a place you mustn’t miss!

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