Kozminski Insider, Student Profile 31 may 2015

Student Profile – Anna Glazunova


Will tell you a little about myself with pleasure, but it’s harder to write than I expected. At least I can try.

I came to Kozminski from a city in the south-east of Ukraine – Zaporizhzhya (city is famous because of Cossacks and Khortytsya island). I always knew that would study abroad, because  is my passion (like all of us). MXlrsZFTaqw

Also, I was looking for hobby through which I can express myself. During 13 years I was dancing and have the status of Candidate Master of Sports, was trying to be a DJ on an online radio station, I had my own forum, where people were helping each other to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop, and now already for several years I enjoy photography.

Additionally, want to say some words about what I am actually doing as a member of KU New Media Club: sending images to our amazing instagram account, participating as a photographer in events such as ‘Kozminski brings together’, of course writing posts to our no less awesome blog and doing all my best :)

I strongly believe, that our University is full of incredibly talented people and I am super happy to know all of you. We are making this world better !

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