Poland 06 aug 2015

Cherish every moment of your life!
Are you planning your summertime trips? Don’t forget that Poland can offer you some magnificant places to visit and this post is a perfect example.
That is why I would like to introduce you to SOPOT!


Leo enjoyed the trip!

Sopot is a beautiful town located by the Baltic Sea in the north of Poland. It is a part of 3city which is the most famous resort for tourists.

You can easily reach this place by train, especially the one called ‘pendolino’ – if you buy the ticket one month before, you can get the one-way ticket for 25 zl with your student ID. Check it here -> PENDOLINO.



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Let me tell you a little bit about the trip with my friends.
Our main aim to go there was the concert of Sean Paul (my friend metioned that even in her post so check it here: FESTIVAL TIME). How was it? AMAZING! It has been the best experience in my life so far. As me and my best friend are the big fans of Sean Paul, we knew all the lyrics by heart so we were singing, dancing and just having fun! The whole thing was organized by Zatoka Sztuki so the view was awesome because it is located on the beach. Here are some photos:

This photo is taken from the Sean Paul’s official website!

Besides the concert, we were also chilling and enjoying the moment. That is why the next night we went to the most wonderful club ever! The Roof is located at the top of Zatoka Sztuki Club. Having considered the perfect location of this club, we decided to stay there till the sunrise.Even if the price of entrance (not mentioning the price of the drinks) was quite high, it was worth going.  I can truly tell you that it was the best decision we could have taken! The view at 4:43 am was breathtaking and to give you just a little proof of that, I attach some photos here:

This photo you can find on the official ‘The Roof’ facebook page.


The ‘MUST GO’ in Sopot is Molo – a special area to take a walk and watch the beautiful Baltic Sea.


Don’t forget to relax after walking! I can recommend you a nice place for that which is Coctali Bar Max. Yes, you can visit the same one in Warsaw on Krucza street -> to get more info check my last post about cocktail bars.

Do you need a chillout zone? Visit Starbucks which is different than the others because it is located on the beach. That is why you can take a rest and talk to your friends with a great coffee in your hand!




Your first time in Sopot? Take a photo in front of this spectacular building!

‘Krzywy dom’

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  1. @Alicja : Great post! :) What’s the history behind the building ‘KRZYWY DOM’? :)

  2. Super post! We spent amazing time in Sopot! I highy recommend to visit this city

  3. @Sakthi : The architects wanted to create something unusual, against all the the laws of physics so that it would astound each person. That is why they decided to use the drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer to create something surprising :)

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