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Creativity – Screen Printing



A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to take part in a creative workshop at Kozminski University.

As part of the Program “Get to know us, get to know yourself”, the school is organizing great events like the screening & printing workshop.

We had 2 meetings and we will print our work. This was the only things I knew before going.



1st Meeting

Few people were waiting, and here comes a woman with blue eyebrows, a guy who was carrying a big bag and another girl. They asked us to wait outside.

Doors open: they have set up 3 big tables, with one being full of creative stuff: paint, pencils, tape, sponges, ink and more. All in black in white.

Gosh I had no idea I will have to draw something just like that!!!

The woman – Aga – Introduce herself and her job. She created her own business named AGA BRWI few years ago after being a student in KU.

after explaining us the concept of the workshop and the techniques we will be using, she gave us the agenda: we will draw or paint something in this meeting, then she will prepare some kind of boards and during the next meeting we will print our projects on bags or T-shirts.

She is giving more information about the processes that you can find on her website here: http://www.agabrwi.pl/

So, yeah, drawing something. As we are working in pairs, we look at each other: what are the others doing? Some already have brilliant ideas, others wait for inspiration or look for some on Internet. After some time, everyone is focus on his project, drawing painting or pasting. The “assistants” help us, give advice, correct things or give us outstanding ideas.

To finish we give her our projects, tell our preferences for printing colours and supports and we leave.


2nd meeting


One week later, we meet again in a bigger room, and they definitely have bigger materials.

Surprise! Our project were transformed in thin transparent papers and in big screens.

Aga – who has yellow eyebrows today- explains us the process of transformation of our drawing in art pieces ready for printing.

then she shows us how to “print” on our supports (she brought some and we could have bring some too), using a kind of squeegee and paints : red, blue, black, brown, green, yellow, pink and purple.

Then it is our turn to do so, first most of us used only one colour. then we became (or maybe just I) a bit euphoric and started to use 2 colours, or even 3 to create 3D effects. then some mixed everything or created declining colors.

We could use our screens as many as we wanted, the only required thing was to clean and dry it every time we used it. We were trading screens and paints to make artistic clothes or bags.

Some of us stayed 4 hours there to do many printings and we had a great with Aga and her team.

When finally our productions were dry, we still had another step to perform. At home this time, we had to iron our clothes/bags very long to fix the paint and to be able to wash them without destroying our hours of work.


Here are some final results:

I spent many hours doing this project and I didn’t see the time running out. It was interesting, interactive and active workshop. I hope to attend some others to discover more interesting things and train my creativity.


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  1. Omg, want to try something like this ! thank you for the post

  2. She is making workshops in her place too, you should definitely contact her via her website or facebook, I know she has a page, and she is super nice :)

  3. Can’t wait for her ceramics workshop :D

  4. I enjoyed the workshop as well! The best part is we have a ceramic workshop this time ( March 27th & April 17)

  5. That workshop looks amazing! Great job everyone who made the t shirts and bags etc. They look great!

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