Poland 26 mar 2015



Our ESN team organized a fantastic trip to Lublin last weekend (21-22.03)

The journey started on Saturday at noon. It was a great time spent with lovely people. Everyone was talking and sharing their stories, that is why the travel went by very fast. We didn’t even noticed that we had already arrived to Lublin. The weather was warm and sunny so we enjoyed the walk through the town.

During those two days we did many delightful things. It was the trip that combined development of cultural knowledge and chilling in some peaceful places. We visited few pubs and a traditional polish restaurant “Sielsko Anielsko” with our typical food. On Saturday we obviously visited one of the best clubs in Lublin “Cream Club” , where everybody had much fun!

That trip was definitely not a waste of time! If you had no chance to take part in that one, you should think about the trip to Poznań & Toruń (17-19.04).

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Here you have some photos :)

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  1. Lublin is a cool city! I really recommend Cream Club.

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