Kozminski Insider 01 jun 2015

Kozminalia 2015


Recently, Kozminski University held the most enchanting event of the year, Kozminalia 2015. For those who didn’t hear about it, Kozminalia is the last party/festival of the year at Kozminski University with lots of activities and prizes, this year the university was celebrating the 20th Kozminalia. The program was extremely rich and surprising for all of the attendees but let’s start from the very beginning.

Kozminalia started at noon with a big variety of sports activities like football and basketball but as usual they put something unique, this time it was BUBBLE FOOTBALL which really impressed me. Visitors had a chance to eat free ice cream, sit in Mercedes-Benz cars which were presented, participate in a DJ competition and much more. LYSggvSeWxM

Few hours later I was simply confused which activity to choose because this 20th addition of Kozminalia was full of competitions, games and activities to do. Looking at this schedule you will understand what I’m talking about :)11139000_963268430359620_4092947795788304741_n


This year the Student Council provided such a new things such as a Special City Bus and LiveStreaming on YouTube which brought our Kozminalia to a whole new level. 11257020_966724086680721_148177597480633940_n


You may think that there is nothing else which could have made  this event even more luxurious, but this is not true…One of the most shocking and unbelievable part of it was The Sightseeing Helicopter! Do you know any other university which will give you the opportunity to fly in a helicopter? I don’t :)



As a tradition nearly at 6PM it comes to the group photo and we are a lot of students, it is not easy to make a photo, but as our university is innovative, we had a drone which made the photo, what do you think about this idea? Later on, Kozminski awarded winners with prizes and the party began! It started with the professional samba dancers who lit up the dance-floor. After the samba, there was a fire show which we didn’t have in previous years!


What was next was a real surprise not only for those who attended Kozminalia but also for all of Warsaw. The fireworks by Kozminski were..it is just very hard to say how amazing they were!



I was more than satisfied with this years Kozminalia and honestly saying I cannot imagine how is it possible to make it cooler and more engaging next time! Thank you to Kozminski University and the Students Council for the best student memories!


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