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Warsaw 17 jan 2019

Ice skating in Warsaw, why not? :)


Winter … Is there any chance to spend this time actively?  Yes, there is! In this article, I’ll show you one of my favourites activities during winter.

So here comes the cold days in Poland … Probably, many of you are going to spend it under their blankets and not moving from their houses. Some of you probably will try to search for other ways of spending their free time during winter. If you want to spend your free time actively, I really recommend you ICE SKATING.

From year to year, ice skating becomes much more popular in Poland, especially in Warsaw. It is a good way of having fun and at the same time spending time actively (burning calories).

There are many ice rinks in Warsaw,some of them are free for some you have to pay for entering (but it’s worth it,trust me :D )
In Poland ice skating season starts in November/December and ends in March.

You don’t have your own ice skates? Don’t worry! :) You can rent them! At the ice rinks, there is a possibility to rent ice skates, one hour costs from 5-10 zł.

My top 5 ice rinks in Warsaw:

1) Ice rink on the National Stadium of Warsaw -> you enter for 75 minutes
ice rink A (2010 m2) : reduced/normal ticket from Monday to Friday 10/13zł, Weekends 11/14zł
ice rink B (2310 m2) : reduced/normal ticket from Monday to Friday 12/15 zł, Weekends  13/16zł

curious how does it look like? You can check online stream by clicking on the link.


Monday-Friday: 16:00(ice rink A)/ 15:30 (ice rink B)-22:30
Saturday-Sunday: 9:30-23:30

You may buy tickets on-line (polish language only) or at the national stadium of Warsaw before the round starts (I recommend to buy them 15-20 minutes earlier).

Schedule -> here.


It is an attraction, that “Zimowy Narodowy” offers to everybody.
would you like to participate in many different competitions and have some fun? This is an event for you! Disco style! but not only :)

ticket costs 14/16zł

EVERY FRIDAY: 21.15 p.m. – 22.45 p.m.
EVERY SATURDAY: 20.30 p.m. – 22.00 p.m.

more info on the official Facebook page ;)

You may rent here:

– ice skates: 10 zł per 75 minutes

– helmet: 5zł per 75 minutes

– penguin/seal to learn how to ski: 10zł per 30 minutes !

this is a picture of ice rinks at the National Stadium of Warsaw

2) Ice rink OSIR Targówek [1 hour -> normal ticket 8zł ,reduced ticket (youth till age 26,you need to have your student card with you) 5zł]

★ Opening hours :

Monday – Friday:  14:00 – 18:30 |  19:00-21:00

Weekends: 09:00 – 12:00   |  12:30 – 15:00  |  15:30 – 18:00  |  18:30 – 21:00

You may rent here :

– ice skates: 6zł per hour <from size 26 to 47>

– helmet: 2zł per hour

– penguin to learn how to skate: 10zł per 30 minutes

3) Ice rink TORWAR [1 hour -> normal ticket – 13zł, reduced ticket (you need to have your students card to get discount ) 9zł]
You may rent here :
– ice skates : 8 zł
– helmet: 3zł
– penguin to learn how to ski: 10zł per 30 minutes !

More info here ;)

4) Ice rink at the Palace of Culture and Science -> [free]


★ Opening hours :

Monday – Sunday:  9:00 – 21:00

More info here :)

5)  Ice rink at the Old Town -> [free]
This ice rink is located around the Mermaid Statue,the entrance is free but the quality of the ice is not the best one. There is only one technical break per day <at the end of it>.


short video

Enjoy! :)

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Pictures/videos provided by :
[1] Lodowisko Stare Miasto [x]
[2] Zimowy Narodowy
[3] Ice Skating Warsaw
♥ Good to know! ♥
Ice Skating Warsaw is a group of people who are passionate about Ice Skating. If you have any questions connected with Ice Skating, go ahead and ask them!
I am sure that they will help you :)

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