Pubs/Restaurants, Warsaw 09 may 2016

Food Port is back!


Are you near Vistula river? Hungry? If yes this information is exactly for you! :)

Did you know that near the Vistula river and Poniatowski Bridge there is a special Food Port?
food port
link to the map
Every week with different food trucks!
Interested which food tracks that are going to be there? Check it out here -> food!

The grand opening of the Food Port for this season was held on April 30th.
For the opening food port invited foodtrucks:
1) La Chica Sandwicheria -> sandwitches
2) POT SPOT foodtruck -> one-pot dishes
3) Makaroniarze -> pasta
4) Burger na kółkach -> burgers
link to the event -> here
Remember, every week there will be a different set of food trucks so that everyone will find something for himself :)

How does the food port look like? Here you go.  :)





I hope that you will enjoy going there as much as I did last year. (I can’t wait for this years edition!)
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Pictures provided by : Food Port

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