Kozminski Insider 12 apr 2015

Food and Culture


The most tasty way to experience new culture is to try it’s traditional dish.

Have your ever admited that every country, every city has it’s different smell and taste? It happens that even the same dish has a variety of taste in other towns. Food becomes an integral part of each trip that you might happen to take.

Trying conventional food is also one of the ways to experience traditions of the country. People’s attitude to cooking, serving table, sharing food varies worldwide.For example European people were scared of Asian traditional food, but now more and more are enjoying eating in asian restaurants in their home cities.



When we are meeting with people  cooking food and sharing it we become more closer. We get an opportinity to get to know better each other . With this mission Kozminski University with the help of ESN Kozminski announced a contest for the Kozminski International Students Cook Book. This book will illustrate how international Kozminski University is.

We have great news for all of you who are interested in our idea!!!  An International Dinner will take place on 16 of April!!! Bring your favorite food and join us there! For more information click here!plakat cook book

Im kindly ask you to visit our FB page and find something new and interesting for yourself! www.facebook.com/groups/KUcookbook/


Picture source: http://www.ardint.org/donations/ 


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  1. We’re excited to see all the dishes being prepared and cooked :)

  2. I am so excited for this event! This is such an awesome idea! Good job :)

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