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Festival of colours


Do not miss the brightest day of the year!




Holi is a Hindi festival that means the coming of a spring. This day is known widely and celebrated during 2 days, as a sigh of love, colours and fertility. It is likely celebrated in India and Nepal.

Despite being associated as the day of colour, joy and loud, it has some mythological origin. Firstly, it is connected to the burning of the devil Holika, but also the legend of Radha and Krishna lies on the background of particular holiday. They were disappointed about different skin colour. And that is why, due to the advice of his mother, he painted her face in the same colour while playing. Thus,  nowadays couples have brought this tradition to modern times.



In general, Holi is a reason to gather with family and friends to celebrate the coming of spring. This holiday remove all signs of inequality and bring people together. Hence, it is a symbol of unity full of bright and colour.



Talking especially about Warsaw, you will be able to take part in creating unforgettable emotions by coming on the Holi celebration either on the 21st of May at 16:00 or on the 28th of May at 15:00. Click on the suitable time for more information.

Arrange timetable and enjoy new experience in your life!


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  1. I went there last time with friends! We had so much fun :)

  2. I hope that this year will be even better!)

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