Warsaw 08 dec 2014

Feel The Magic In Warsaw


Each year the whole city of Warsaw begins to shine and gives us the holiday spirit. This year I was lucky to be at the opening of the illumination in the Old Town on the 6th of December at 17:00. There were so many people who came to look at this beauty and no single meter of free space.

In order to turn on the lights we had to perform tasks such as singing a song about snow and dancing. The children were delighted with the fantastic characters on stage like Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. After, everyone together “cast a spell” and turned on the lights- the miracle happened.

Now you can see in the old town different Christmas sculptures, garlands everywhere and for sure you can meet Santa Claus. So, I strongly recommend that you come and feel this perfect Christmas atmosphere. As well as Old Town lit up other places in Warsaw are as well: The Wilanow Palace, The National Stadium, The Łazienki Park and other places. So it is impossible to miss it!!!

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  1. Yeap, it was soooo overcrowded :)

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