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As the warm days coming to Warsaw, I would like to tell you where in Poland you could escape from them.

When we hear about high temperature in the city, we usually start dreaming about seaside. This summer in Poland, I experienced an alternative way to fresh up.


The most famous winter city in Poland in summer become a wonderful place for hitchhiking and exploring different aqua places. The fresh and cool air in mountains helps to survive in 30 degrees hot.  Traditional food will not give you an opportunity to suffer. Moreover, the most important are people there, which create an atmosphere of dreamland, actually.


The trip by bus from Warsaw to Zakopane takes 8 hours. In my opinion, more convenient way is to take a train to Krakow and starting from there go by bus to Zakopane.   I was traveling by bus, and to be honest, it was a little bit hard. There are a lot of hotels, flats for rent and other accommodations in the city. There is also a camp place just behind the mountains. Prices for living are not that high, especially, combing to winter season.

I was deeply impressed by the beauty of the nature and people’s behavior.


The landscape is impossible to describe by words. There are so many places where you can explore mountains or simply to have a walk in the forest. There are a lot of tourist in some places and in most cases it is hard to get there, but anyway the price you pay and impression, which you can get, are impossible to combine.

Talking about people, I want to say, that tourist there are different from the tourist, which you can meet in other city, in my opinion. People are moving slow, enjoying their time and always smiling. Local people make their coin on tourists, but still they are not trying to earn on you as much as possible, they help and give advices free.


This kind of trip is perfect for people who want to refresh their mind and enjoy sport activities in the perfect atmosphere. I deeply recommend you to explore Zakopane.

Have you been to Zakopane before? Did you like it? How did you get there? I’d love to get your feedback! :)

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  1. @Ksenia : These photos are amazing! :)

  2. I also love this place! The view is breathtaking :)

  3. I was there only during winter time , but as I can see it is very nice in summer as well

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