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Apps: Relax & Sleep


We talked about waking up in our post” how to wake up on cold winter mornings”. Now, I will give you my sleeping/relaxing tools that really work for me: I am using 3 free applications.

First for relaxation, RELAX MELODIES by Ipnos Soft, is great. You can make your own relaxation music by choosing sounds like water, birds, piano, rain, wind etc etc. The app is also suggesting melodies according to your mood. And providing articles about nervous tension, sleeping mood, mental attitude or stress. Or you can just pick one of the premade melodies.
It includes alarm clock too.

My favorites:

  • monks’ chant + flute in morning
  • river+birds sounds in afternoon

Second, I have troubles to fall asleep. So I downloaded ALARM CLOCK SLEEP SOUNDS also by Ipnos Soft.

Basically, you make your sleeping program:

  • Select your cerebral cerebral waves type
  • Select your program
  • Select your mixing sounds and balance them
  • Balance sounds and cerebral waves
  • You can add meditation program (only in english)
  • You select the duration (or follow the suggested one)
  • Give a name and play!

I am launching a program 35 minutes long when I go to bed, and I never heard the end of it!

Finally, I monitor my sleep with SLEEP TIME by Azumio Inc.

With that, you can get analysis of your sleep by keeping your phone under your pillow.
You set a maximum time for alarm ringing, it will ring in the last 30 minutes of it, according to your sleeping stage.

You will get measures about your bed time, duration of sleep and efficiency of it.


Have a nice night!

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  1. Interesting! Do you really think that the cell under your pillow is able to measure the efficiency of your sleep? What characteristics does this app use to decide whether your sleep is deep or not???

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