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Guest blogging, How to's 19 oct 2016

100 happy days challenge!


“Don’t worry be happy” That’s what Bob Marley keeps singing.
Don’t you think that life would be much better if everyone would be happy?

This is not a typical post here. I wanted to share with you my experience and to encourage you to join it also :) I have decided to join the “100 happy days challenge”.

What is the idea of that?
The main idea of this project is to be able to find at least 1 little thing to be happy in your life
I think that we should start to appreciate little things that are happening in our lives. I mean… Have you ever thought about it? I think that is is better to be happy than sad.

After joining the challenge I have noticed few things :
1) I started to worry less;
2) Generally my mood is much better and I gained more self-confidence;
3) I started to appreciate little moments in my life
4) I was even happy while washing dishes! :o
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So tell me…

Can you be happy for
100 days in a row?

a happy song for you


I hope that you will try to join this this challenge and that you will enjoy it as much as I did!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
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