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Google Day in Wrocław


Everyone knows Google as one of the best employers one can ever dream about. Beautiful stories about a gorgeous campus with a Mountain View, 80/20 working schedule, cool staff to chill out or relax with and so on an so forth. But really few people know exactly how Google operates from the inside, even though they have more then 50 000 employees in total:)

It was a huge honour for me to be a part of student’s community who were allowed to participate in the annual Google meeting – Google Day in Wrocław.
First of all the company reimburses all the expenses for transfers, accommodation and so on – after all the perception that this company possesses money does not leave You during the entire meeting: a huge office right in the city centre with a terrace, several floors devoted to resting chambers, massage, XBOX, individual rooms, gym, two dining rooms (meals are free of charge whenever You want. WHENEVER YOU WANT). They have a lot of small things for employees which are thought to make their life much more better.
The first part of our Google Day was dedicated to internal life of a common “googler” – schedule, interactions with colleagues, the vision and overall strategy they have. I was amazed with the way everything was organised: in Wrocław’s office employees are split into national groups, but it is made so great – walking through the office You can recognise which part You are in easily: flags, language, colours, national food and way more staff. When we asked about the strict working hours – they laughed right in our face:) The aim is to achieve results on time with less costs. How, where or when one is going to do that – those are secondary questions.
Another story is their dining room. Googlers do not spend money on food usually – they can come to eat when they want. Tons of food, fruits, yogurts, drinks, chocolates etc.
What I got from all of that – somewhere between massage sessions they do work a bit:) Kidding:) They work hard, it is exhaustive labour, but from what I experienced – that definitely worth it.
So in the end I want to admit – Google it is not just a company, it is another way of thinking. Company has several vacancies opened, so if You want to become a part of great community – just google it:)
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  1. It seems that it was worth being there! Thanks for teeling about Google in a completely different way. Good job, Artem :)

  2. Great post! :) Mahn! Are they the best or what!

  3. Would love to take part in the next annual Google meeting :)

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