Kozminski Insider, Poland, Student Profile, Warsaw 28 jun 2015

Yuliia Udovychenko – Student Profile


I am from the heart of the Europe – Ukraine, Kyiv.

In fact, I really like trying something new all the time, to go on and develop myself. So, my passion is travelling. There are a lot of places to go in my travelling list and one day I will handle it! Also, I have played the guitar for 5 years in the music school and now I am doing it for myself. Music is the part of each of us and it has a great peace of my heart too.

As a sport fun, I did gymnastic for 6 years and then I fall in love with dancing. From the early childhood I was charmed by the eastern princesses and theirs fairytales. So, I learned how to dance belly dance and it was one of the most amazing things that I have ever did!


Why did I choose KU? Kozminski University is ranked as the prestigious in Poland. For me, as for young women, it was quite surprising that KU has such a big number of programs to study and so ambitious opportunities after graduation, since the Kozminski’s business partners are the global companies in the world. So, I think it is the best place for learning to be successful in the future.


The first event I took part in was “Biegnij Warszawo” marathon, KU was one of the sponsors of this event. We supported all participants while being a kind of cheerleaders. I was really impressed and it brought first unforgettable impression about social Kozminski life. Furthermore, there were a lot of events like International dinner, Christmas and Freshman days which will not leave you indifferent to Polish culture.

I would meet new friends in KU with pleasure! You can contact me via e-mail: julia_ud@ukr.net


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